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4 Synthetic Grass Trends Taking Over Dallas

Synthetic Grass DFW
May 11, 2023
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There’s no question 2020 changed the amenities game for homeowners and, with that, the synthetic grass trends taking over Dallas. Synthetic grass has been the #1 Dallas landscaping upgrade trend for 2021. Homeowners are seeing the returns of investment in quality products for their yard – especially synthetic grass. Its durability, versatility, and absolutely beautiful aesthetic make it the perfect addition to any landscape.

Here are some of the trends we’ve seen emerging the last few months:

  1. Upgraded Poolscapes with Synthetic Grass

    Dallas is no stranger to summer heat. Pool contractors have seen an increase in pool installations and upgrades this year. The winter storm of 2021 really escalated the pool re-design and upgrade trend we’re seeing. Many people experienced extensive damage to pipes, pool tiles, and plaster and since extensive work needed to be done – time to upgrade!

    We have seen many homeowners upgrading their pool decking design with our beautiful turf ribbons this year. They add a sophisticated touch. Everyone who sees the criss-cross turf ribbon pool-decking design cannot believe how beautiful it is! No maintenance required.

    We have also seen many homeowners finishing off their pool install with synthetic grass around the pool area. It makes sense to use synthetic grass in this design. No mowing or weed-eating means no grass getting into your pool. No mowing means no figuring out how to get around the features with your large mower. And no mud! Synthetic grass is a perfect addition to any poolscape.

  2. Sports Play Areas

    With the trend of more time at home, we’ve seen a huge increase in play areas in backyards. Not only are swing sets and sand boxes must-haves for entertaining kids, we’ve seen an increase in batting areas! We have installed our beautiful, synthetic grass in many fun, new play spaces this year.

    Homeowners aren’t only focusing on the kids play areas – they’re creating play spaces for themselves! We have seen an increase in putting greens this year. How can you not resist? There are too many fun, design options and tricky spaces to create. Putting greens add many hours of fun and entertainment to any space. We always enjoy working with a homeowner on their putting green design.

  3. Petscapes

    Pets are spending more time at home with their owners and owners are learning just how much damage a dog can do to a yard! Digging and rolling around on natural grass causes dead spots and mud holes. Not with synthetic grass. No amount of rolling around or digging will affect the synthetic grass. And no more muddy paws!

    We have seen several homeowners this year install dog runs or fenced-in areas for their pets. With synthetic grass they know it will stay green and lush all year-round versus natural grass. The synthetic grass is 100% pet-friendly and hypo-allergenic which is a huge bonus for pets with persistent allergies.

  4. Entire Synthetic Grass Lawns

    Theres a reason were seeing more and more people switch to an entire synthetic grass lawn. The increase in time spent outdoors. No more mowing. No watering. Increased home value. No more mud. The list could go on…

    We are seeing an increase in referrals as more and more homeowners experience synthetic grass in someone else’s home, and decide they would benefit from its many features. We haven’t met one disappointed homeowner who has had synthetic grass installed in the 8+ years we’ve been in the business. 2021 has been an exciting year of projects.

    The synthetic grass trend is here to stay as more and more homeowners experience its many benefits. It provides a beautiful, functional, durable alternative to other landscaping options. We hope to share more trends as they emerge in the coming months! 

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