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Creative Landscaping Ideas Using Artificial Turf in Dallas

Synthetic Grass DFW
December 9, 2019
Artificial Grass
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Tired of your plain, old backyard? Breathe new life into your outdoor space using artificial turf in Dallas! Revitalize your lawn experience with these 5 creative landscaping ideas. Artificial grass is a low-maintenance, evergreen alternative to consider when exploring fresh ways to style your landscape.

Creative Landscaping Ideas Using Synthetic Grass

Synthetic turf in Dallas comes in all sorts of pile heights, thickness and shades, making it ideal for homeowners who want to go beyond the classic green yard. Jumpstart your lawn redesign with the five creative landscaping ideas below!

1. Add pops of color with planter boxes.

Just because you’re working with artificial grass doesn’t mean you can’t have your favorite flowers and plants in your yard. In fact, it’s much easier to care for them when you go synthetic. With artificial turf, you don’t need to deal with weeds, pests, insects and endless watering and mowing just to have a beautiful background for your blooms.

Plant your desired flowers, herbs and other plants using planter boxes and pots. Synthetic turf in Dallas is designed to withstand significant amounts of pressure and weight, so don’t worry about damaging its fibers.

2. Create a focal point with hardscape.

Hardscapes like sculptures, stepping-stones, walkways and water features are another excellent addition to artificial grass in Dallas, TX. The porous backing of synthetic turf ensures that all splashes and excess liquid from water fixtures are drained into the subsoil, thus preventing puddling.

3. Use different shades of grass for visual interest.

With artificial grass, you don’t have to settle for basic green. Feel free to combine different shades of artificial grass in Dallas, TX to create standout patterns on your lawn. Ready to be more adventurous? Go with whimsical designs, such as hopscotch or chess patterns to make a visual statement.

4. Design a rolling effect.

Want to make your yard look like a rolling meadow? It’s as easy as combining artificial grass of different heights. This is a great way to enhance a featureless lawn with the illusion of valleys and peaks. It’s also less expensive than reshaping the land to achieve the same effect.

5. Integrate “problem areas” into the design.

Turn those undesirable yard features into assets with artificial grass! Skilled installers can work around walls, large rocks and tree stumps by incorporating them into the overall landscape. These features can be used as retaining walls, table bases, seating and other wonderful elements for a truly unique yard.

Spice Up Your Lawn with Artificial Turf in Dallas

When you’re working with a material as versatile as synthetic grass, there’s virtually no limit to the design possibilities. On top of all the creative ways you can use turf, its benefits will make you enjoy your outdoor space even more:

  • Minimal maintenance
  • Stays green year-round
  • Non-toxic
  • Non-allergenic
  • Can last up to 15 years
  • Perfect for pets and children

Why settle for the usual when you can have the extraordinary? Discover the wonders of artificial turf today! Call Synthetic Grass DFW today at 214-298-7726 for inquiries and to receive a free quote.