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A Comprehensive Guide to Preparing Artificial Turf in Dallas for Winter

Synthetic Grass DFW
February 11, 2020
Artificial Grass
sweeping synthetic grass

Artificial turf in Dallas is an excellent alternative to natural grass, especially in areas that experience all four seasons. It stays lush after torrential spring showers, through the intense summer heat and under fall foliage.  With the right prep and upkeep, it can also survive the harshest winter conditions.

How to Prepare Synthetic Turf for Winter

Artificial turf retains its beauty, functionality and durability with considerably lower upkeep than a natural lawn, but that doesn’t mean you can take its maintenance for granted. Proper upkeep can extend its lifespan up to 15 years or more.

Make sure your synthetic lawn remains pristine once the snow melts and the temperatures rise come spring. Commit to these crucial winter prep chores:

  • Remove fallen autumn foliage and other debris from its surface.

When leaves, branches and other natural debris are left on synthetic turf for long, they can rot, solidify and encourage bacteria buildup. They’ll also stick to the surface and seep into the infill. Avoid these hassles by removing fallen fall foliage and other waste from your artificial lawn regularly.

Make sure your synthetic lawn is neat and clean before winter begins. Any debris left on your artificial grass in Dallas, TX, can carry over next spring, which can pose health hazards to people and pets who will use the yard. Use a stiff brush, plastic rake, broom or leaf blower to remove light debris. Pick up more substantial waste by hand.

  • Rinse the synthetic turf thoroughly.

Hosing down your artificial grass will flush out dirt, waste residue and other tiny debris from its surface. Use a  mild soap solution to eliminate unpleasant smells.

If your lawn doubles as a pet run or event venue, it has probably experienced its fair share of stains and spills. Make sure to mitigate the effects of such accidents before winter arrives. Use cleaning solutions to get rid of odors and waste residue.

  • Brush the artificial grass blades.

Artificial turf in Dallas can get flattened or curled due to use and foot traffic. If left in this state through the winter, it can be more challenging to brush up its blades upright come spring. Avoid this problem by brushing up your artificial turf before the temperatures drop.

Don’t use brushes with metal bristles as they can damage the synthetic fibers. Stick to a soft- or medium-bristled tool, and brush against the grain carefully.

  • Ask a synthetic turf expert to check your artificial lawn.

Synthetic turf experts can examine your lawn and determine if it’s ready for winter. They will check the general state of the artificial grass, its infill and its accessories. If you live in an area that gets a ton of snow, they will double-check the joints and seams of your installation. Schedule a consultation as early as you can so they can help you ensure your turf is secured for the season.

Synthetic Turf Upkeep Tips for Winter

Winter maintenance for artificial turf in Dallas doesn’t end with preparations for the season. Take care of your synthetic lawn throughout the cold months with these upkeep tips:

  • Avoid clearing off snow with a shovel to prevent accidental turf damage.
  • Cover your synthetic turf with a tarp for extra protection against the elements.
  • Let snow melt naturally come spring, then give the area a thorough rinsing.

Invest in Top-Quality Artificial Turf for a Winter-Resistant Lawn

Aside from implementing these prep and upkeep tasks, choosing synthetic grass in Dallas that’s known for its durability will also increase your lawn’s resilience against winter.

Find first-rate artificial grass at Synthetic Grass DFW. Aside from weather resistance, all our artificial turf products come with these fantastic advantages:

  • Efficient drainage system
  • Realistic and evergreen grass blades
  • Resistance to foot traffic and heavy weight
  • Non-toxic and non-allergenic
  • Up to 15-year warranties
  • And more!

Ready to enjoy a beautiful synthetic lawn that can withstand the harshest weather conditions of your area? Call Synthetic Grass DFW now at 214-298-7726 to set a FREE consultation!