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Artificial Grass Ideas: Why Artificial Grass Is Perfect for Your Decking

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September 10, 2018
Artificial Grass
artificial grass ideas

Artificial Grass Ideas: Why Artificial Grass Is Great for Your Decking

Americans use over 7 billion gallons of water per today on landscape irrigation. Much of this water goes to waste as runoff. Are you looking for ways to spruce up your decking or patio? But, you don’t want water-guzzling plants? Try artificial grass. It’s the perfect way to get a great looking deck without the expense and waste of constant watering. Read on for artificial grass ideas that’ll make your landscape the envy of all your neighbors.


The original artificial grass was AstroTurf. Created in 1965, its main use was for football fields.

AstroTurf was rough and didn’t feel natural. But, it allowed teams to cut back on field maintenance. They also gained more hours of field usage.

Artificial grass has advanced since then. There are even several different types.

Today’s artificial grass is softer. It feels natural and looks like real grass. It’s now used for residential landscaping. Homeowners reap the same benefits the sports teams did. It’s low maintenance and long lasting.

How can you benefit from artificial grass?

Roof Decks

If you’ve got a rooftop garden, artificial grass is ideal. It’s light and drains well. It’ll insulate your roof adding warmth in the winter. It’ll keep your home cooler in the summer too.

Roll out the grass like an area rug. Place pots of herbs, flowers, and foliage in strategic spots. You’ll have a beautiful, easy-care surface that looks great. It’s also soft on the feet.

Leaves falling on the artificial turf? Use a blower. Kids spilled soda on the turf? No problem. Hose it down.

Concrete Patio

Artificial grass works on concrete patios too. Install it right on top of the concrete. As long as your patio is level, installation is easy. If there are any gaps in the concrete, fill them first.

Rinse the patio down. A thorough pressure wash first works well too. After the patio dries, lay the grass down. Use scissors to cut the grass for a perfect fit. When the fit is right, use some turf glue on the back.

Artificial grass makes your patio a warm and inviting place for bare feet. Your kids can run around without the worry of scrapes and stubbed toes. You can even install a mini-golf or bocce ball area.

The Perfect Pool Deck

The hot sun beating down on the pool deck means burned bare feet. Want an easier more inviting option? Try artificial grass.

Placing artificial grass around your pool has other benefits too. It’s less slippery than concrete, making it a safer option. Pool chemicals won’t damage artificial grass the way they do regular grass.

Artificial grass keeps the pool cleaner, unlike regular grass that gets tracked into the water from your feet.

Artificial Grass Ideas

Now you know there are many artificial grass ideas. It’s perfect for a rooftop deck or concrete patio. It’s a great way to keep your pool deck safer and cleaner. Artificial grass is low maintenance and easy to install.

It’s also good for the environment since it saves water.

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