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Artificial Turf: A Great Way to Avoid Allergic Reaction to Grass

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June 20, 2018
Artificial Grass
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Avoid Allergic Reaction to Grass using Artificial Grass

Spring and summer may be your loved ones’ or friends’ favorite time of the year. But for you – not so much. Unfortunately, the season filled with flowers and warm weather is also a season filled with headaches (literally) due to your allergic reaction to grass and other allergy issues.

If you suffer from an allergic reaction to grass in particular, you’re not alone. In fact, it’s not just humans who suffer from seasonal allergies. Many dogs who suffer from allergies end up with serious upper respiratory problems and may even experience skin inflammation.

Seasonal allergies can be a real pain. Here’s a glimpse at how you can manage your allergic reaction to grass using artificial turf.

Let’s get started!

Why Artificial Turf Can Help You Avoid an Allergic Reaction to Grass

Artificial turf is an excellent solution for those with seasonal allergies. Here’s why.

When you convert your natural grass lawn to turf, you no longer have to worry about pollen being produced on your property.

Of course, pollen will still come from plants and trees located nearby. But because your grass is no longer producing pollen, the amount that becomes airborne near your home will decrease.

And that’s not all.

By choosing artificial turf over natural grass, you eliminate the need for trimming and mowing – activities that kick up the types of airborne contaminants known to aggravate allergies, such as ground dust.

In addition, you don’t need to use herbicide or chemical fertilizer on artificial turf. This is a major plus given the fact that these products can easily aggravate an immune system that; already sensitive.

If you like the outdoors but the outdoors don’t seem to like you, then springing for artificial turf may be a smart move to enhance your experience outside and ultimately improve your health.

Other Benefits of Artificial Turf

In addition to preventing you from suffering allergy issues, artificial turf is extremely safe for both pets and children – so it’s perfect for the entire family.

High-quality turfs are manufactured without the use of toxic chemicals or substances that may trigger allergies.

Yet another advantage of turf is that it helps to conserve fuel and water. You no longer have to worry about constantly watering your lawn during the hottest months of the year. And you’ll save on fuel costs since you don’t have to buy gasoline for your lawnmower.

You can’t beat that.

How We Can Help

We offer high-quality synthetic turf installation services – a dream come true for many homeowners who have suffered from an allergic reaction to grass for years.

Our artificial turf stands out because it feels and looks like real grass. It’s also resilient and durable, so you don’t have to worry about costly upkeep and repair. And the underfoot comfort that our turf provides is second to none.

It’s not too late to experience the benefits of artificial turf in 2018. Contact us to find out more about how our artificial turf can help you to have a healthier, easier and happier summer season this year.