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Keep Your Pets Safe from Hidden Hazards with the Best Artificial Grass for Dogs

Synthetic Grass DFW
March 25, 2020
Artificial Grass

A large, grass-covered backyard is one of the best amenities you can provide your pet. Dogs love the lush turf, and the yard is right outside your door, so it’s easy to keep tabs on your energetic pooch. Make sure the fun never stops by pet-proofing your yard! Invest in the best artificial grass for dogs to keep your canine safe from the hidden dangers that lurk in most backyards.

Hidden Dangers of Yards for Dogs

Broken fences, stray trash and well-hidden anthills are not the only things that you should watch out for before letting your canine loose in your yard. Natural lawns have several hidden dangers:

  • Weeds

Some types of weeds won’t just steal nutrients from your grass, trees and plants. They can also cause irritation, excessive drooling, difficulties in swallowing and other symptoms in dogs when ingested.

  • Organic Fertilizers

Natural fertilizers, especially those made from bone, blood and fish meals, can be just as poisonous to dogs as their commercial counterparts. Ingesting can cause diarrhea and pancreatitis, among other health issues.

  • Pollen

Some dogs are allergic to pollen, which makes pollen-generating, grass-covered yards a dangerous place for them.

  • Grass seeds

Lawns are brimming with these tiny, arrow-shaped seeds. Grass seeds can get caught on pet fur, burrow into the skin and cause irritation. If left untreated, it can lead to various health issues.

  • Pest Control Chemicals

The chemicals you use to rid your lawn of snails, slugs, bugs, rodents and other pests in your yard can also make your canine sick. Common effects of pesticide exposure include muscle tremors, respiratory issues and diarrhea.

Does your yard have one or more of these hidden hazards? If so, you have two options: take tedious, repetitive and failure-prone measures to keep the risk at bay, or solve it permanently with artificial grass in Dallas, TX.

How Synthetic Grass Eliminates Pet Dangers in Yards

Aside from being a cost-efficient, evergreen alternative to natural grass, artificial turf eliminates most of the hidden hazards for dogs in backyards. Here’s how:

  • It diminishes weed growth.

Aside from removing all vegetation and applying weed control solutions to the project area, installers also place a weed barrier to prevent future weed growth that dogs can ingest.

  • It doesn’t need fertilizers.

Synthetic grass looks and feels good regardless of the fertility of its soil, so there’s no need to invest in toxic commercial or organic fertilizer for its maintenance.

  • It does not produce pollen.

Feel free to set puppy playdates on your yard without worries of triggering pollen allergies among your guests when you switch to the best artificial grass for dogs.

  • It doesn’t carry grass seeds.

Grass seeds neither grows nor thrives in artificial turf. Never worry about them burrowing into your pooch’s skin and causing health problems when you go synthetic.

  • It is not hospitable to ticks, fleas and other pests.

Unlike live lawns and dirt yards, grounds covered with artificial turf don’t offer the ideal breeding, nesting and living conditions to various pests. Let your dog play on its lush surface without worries of insect stings and flea infestations.

Turn Your Backyard Into a Artificial Grass Pet Paradise

Let Synthetic Grass DFW help you achieve the grass-covered backyard of your dreams while providing a safe outdoor space for your dog. Our synthetic grass in Dallas is not only perfect for your pets but also your family. Expect these amazing features from all our turf products:

  • Easy to maintain
  • Realistic looks and feel
  • Proprietary drainage
  • Non-allergenic
  • Non-toxic
  • Dirt-free
  • Resistance to wear and tear
  • Up to 15-year warranties
  • 100% made in the US

Trust Synthetic Grass DFW with your turf project for a fast, efficient and error-free installation. Call us now at 214-298-7726 to schedule a FREE consultation!