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October 29, 2018
Artificial Grass
cleats on turf

Cleats on Turf: How to Benefit from Artificial Grass in Your Sport

Across much of the United States, artificial grass for sports fields is becoming increasingly popular. This is due to its easy-to-maintain nature. Artificial turf can withstand extreme climates. This is particularly good in areas that receive excessive rainfall or little to none.  However, compared to natural grass, the risk of some sports injuries on artificial turf is higher. The Dallas Fort Worth area is one that is adopting this new trend. If you are concerned about you or your kids wearing cleats on turf, you may be wondering how you can reduce the risk of injury. Continue reading this guide to find out how you can make artificial turf work for you.

The Problem of Heat

Anyone who has played a sport on artificial turf knows how hot it can get. On a warm day, it can feel like you are standing in the middle of a sauna.

Surface temperatures on artificial grass can be 35°F to 55°F higher than natural grass. On a 98°F day in Provo, Utah, surface temperatures on a turf field were measured at 200°F.

You can feel your feet burning, and your shoes may begin to melt.

The biggest danger here, though, is dehydration. If you play sports on artificial turf, you should be sure to stray hydrated throughout the whole match.

You should avoid playing sports in extreme temperatures. This will greatly reduce the risk of dehydration and heat stroke.

If you do play on a hot day, pay attention to yourself and others. Watch for signs of a headache, lack of sweating, cramping, nausea and vomiting, and more.

Wearing Proper Cleats on Turf

Because artificial turf is a high friction surface that allows athletes to move quicker, the risk of foot and ankle injuries is higher. The most common injury related to artificial turf is turf toe.

This is when you jam your big toe and the torque force impacts the whole big toe joint.

Ankle sprains are common on artificial turf fields. They commonly occur when you decelerate quickly, and too much force is placed on the surrounding ligaments.

Watch out for bruising and an inability to bear weight.

You can mitigate these risks with proper footwear. You can find athletic shoes that are designed specifically for turf use.

Traditional cleats can get caught in the turf and cause injuries. Turf cleats utilize shorter, rubber studs that are designed to grip the surface of the turf.

Look for shoes that will provide proper support for your feet.

Have Fun and Be Safe on Turf Fields

No matter the type of field, the risk of sports injuries is always present. This risk is an inherent part of the game.

Although some injuries are more common on turf fields, you can reduce your risk of injury by following some basic protocol. You should always wear proper footwear and stay hydrated.

Artificial turf is more common than ever before as a result of its convenience. Stay safe with the proper cleats on turf, and you can enjoy the game.

To find out more about turf for sports in Dallas Fort Worth, you can check out our artificial turf services.