Backyards Just Got Better For PETS!

With Pet Friendly Artificial Turf From EasyTurf

Here's why dog owners love EasyTurf's pet friendly artificial grass:

MaxxFlow drainage makes dog grass clean up a snap

Discolor and stain resistant grass for dogs

Most dogs will give up digging

Fixes dogs killing the grass

Muddy paws and dirty pets are a thing of the past

Non-toxic and hypo-allergenic artificial dog grass

Eliminate water waste and fertilizing

Tell Me About Your Product... Is It Really Incredible?

Pets are beloved parts of your family, but they can sure ruin a yard.

If you are looking for a solution to keep your yard protected from holes and bare patches then look no further.

The artificial turf we use for dog friendly landscaping is designed with revolutionary drainage capabilities.

Not only does artificial landscaping for dogs protect your yard, but it also keeps your pet clean too!

So you can relax, put away floor cleaner, and throw away the dog shampoo knowing your pet won't track mud all through your house.

Pets and their owners love our Pet Friendly artificial turf because it looks and feels like a real lawn, ensuring a pleasant, safe environment for owners and pets to play together.

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The difference in our pet friendly artificial grass is the drainage!

Every inch of the EasyTurf pet turf comes with MaxxFlow backing surface that drains freely with absolutely zero absorption. That means proper drainage and it even stands up to ALL pets and pet waste. The backing also incorporates an integrated weed barrier which eliminates the need to purchase and install a separate one, saving your business time and money. Remember…not only will EasyTurf pet turf provide your pet areas with beautiful and useful landscaping, it will save you money.

So... how well does it drain?

Four words…better than real grass! Thanks to EasyTurf's proprietary drainage technology. 

Every inch of the MaxxFlow backing drains freely with absolutely zero absorption. 

That means odor control. Plus, over time, synthetic turf saves thousands of dollars in maintenance, water costs and repairs.

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EasyTurf is the most realistic, softest and best draining synthetic turf grass available.

Start enjoying the lush green yard you've always imagined with EasyTurf. No other synthetic turf comes close to our quality.

With our long experience and a team of true professionals you can be assured of the best service, a great result and a beautiful, virtually maintenance free lawn that saves you time and money by elimination the need for water.

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