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5 Design Questions to Guide Your Putting Green Installation

Synthetic Grass DFW
September 21, 2020
Synthetic Grass
backyard putting greens

For many golf enthusiasts, owning a personal putting green is the ultimate dream. Unlimited play time in the comfort of home— what could be better than that? In terms of material, it’s hard to beat artificial turf in Dallas. It provides the beauty and game mechanics of a golfing range, but with the low-maintenance nature and versatility of turf.

To make sure your putting green meets your expectations, you should consider every detail carefully. These five questions will help you arrive at the best design possible.

5 Questions to Guide Your Putting Green Design

Artificial grass may be the ideal putting green material, but your dream green is only possible with careful planning. Use the following questions as a design guide:

  1. How much space do you need?

The size of your putting green depends on what you want to achieve and the size of your yard. Will you be practicing different shots and putts, or are you planning to work on your stroke? Your playing goals will affect how big should be.

  1. Where do you want to place your green?

Next, consider the location of your new putting green. If your property is big enough, select an area with dips and hills to maximize the challenge. It’s okay if your yard doesn’t have natural slopes. The next best choice is a site where installers can recreate them.

Another important factor when choosing the location is safety. Ideally, it should be near enough so that people can access it easily, but away from windows, cars and spots that people frequent.

  1. What features do you want on your putting green?

In an actual golf course, you’ll find features such as ponds and sand traps that make the game more fun and challenging. You can have the same experience with a backyard putting green made of artificial grass in Dallas, TX.

As long as your space can accommodate it, consider upgrading your green with multiple holes, bunkers and cuts of fringe to keep things exciting.

  1. What shape would you like for your backyard putting green?

Experienced artificial grass installers can cut turf into virtually any shape and size, so don’t be afraid to get creative with your installation. Factor in the areas of your lawn you want to improve, and use these as a guide on which design and shape suit your playing style.

  1. Who will be using your putting green?

Will you be the only one playing on your putting green, or are guests welcome to use it? Are you planning to share it with your children? These are important questions for any project involving artificial grass in Dallas.

This will affect a lot of elements, such as the location (e.g. if you’re using it as a social amenity, place it near your patio), design (kids love mini-golf courses, and you can use turf for that design) and features.

Explore the Possibilities with Synthetic Grass in Dallas

Finally, our experts at Synthetic Grass DFW are ready to help with your artificial grass project. Whether you want a pro-level putting green, a pet run, beautiful synthetic landscape and other property upgrades, we can make it happen. Call us at 214-298-7726 for questions and to receive a free quote!