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Easy and Affordable Ways to Decorate Synthetic Turf for Dallas Backyards

Synthetic Grass DFW
June 25, 2020
Synthetic Grass
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If you recently made the switch to synthetic turf in Dallas, congratulations! You’re in for many years of hassle-free maintenance, a yard that stays green forever, and a soft, lush surface to walk, play and relax in.

Although turf is already beautiful by itself, most homeowners naturally would want to beautify their space. Don’t have room in your budget for expensive décor yet? Discover affordable and easy ways to spruce up your artificial lawn!

Budget-Friendly Landscaping Ideas for Synthetic Yards

Artificial turf in Dallas is one of the best investments you can make for your home. It eliminates a lot of health hazards like toxic chemicals, grass burrs, pests and allergens. It requires almost no work to stay in top shape. Also, you get a ton of savings through the years, since you don’t have to spend a fortune watering, fertilizing, mowing and maintaining your backyard.

However, after making the switch, your home beautification budget may be a bit depleted. That’s no problem when you have turf! All it takes is a few creative landscaping ideas to make it sensational:

Use Pavers to Make Geometric Patterns

An affordable landscaping idea with fantastic visual impact is using pavers. No need to buy new ones either. For instance, broken or recycled pavers look brilliant when applied in a mosaic pattern. Outline them in turf for contrast. Need to create a pathway through your lawn? This also works for that purpose!

Ask Friends for Cuttings

Planting flowers is such an easy way to add vibrant color to your synthetic landscape. However, it can be expensive to buy plants, seedlings or bulbs at a nursery. Instead, ask your friends who have gardens for several small cuttings of their flowers and plants.

Many beautiful flowers and plants grow incredibly well from clippings. To incorporate flowers into your yard, you can:

  • Hang them from baskets
  • Use raised flower beds
  • Arrange pots in your garden area

The excellent drainage system of synthetic turf in Dallas means you can water your plants properly without fear of flooding. In addition, its tough fibers can handle the weight of big pots and planters. You can easily rearrange them while your turf bounces back into its lush texture. Finally, the natural green shades of artificial grass will make your backyard the stunning, blooming space it’s meant to be.

Use Artificial Grass as Décor

Got some leftover turf from your project? Then you’ve got a versatile decorating material in your hands! The best artificial grass for dogs and Dallas homes can be used to create a green patio wall, carpet your porch, upholster outdoor furniture, and create numbers, letters, and symbols for your landscape.

Looking for more awesome ideas? Our turf experts and landscapers would be happy to share more inspirational tips with you. Call Synthetic Grass DFW at 214-298-7726 today to learn more!