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4 Brilliant Ways to Beautify Your Home with the Best Artificial Grass for Dogs

Synthetic Grass DFW
April 18, 2020
Artificial Grass
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The best artificial grass for dogs is already a popular landscaping material, but did you know you can also use it for interior design? Many people are already using turf for home beautification purposes because it’s so versatile and easy to work with.

It’s perfect for any room of the house that could use a splash of refreshing greenery. It turns floors into a safer surface, and walls into visual accents. When it comes to beautifying your home with artificial grass, it’s only a matter of getting creative!

4 Ways to Use Artificial Grass for Home Beautification

You can spruce up virtually any part of your home using artificial turf in Dallas. With a little imagination and the skills of a professional installer, you can:

1. Carpet your living room with artificial grass.

Breathe new life into your living room with synthetic turf! It’s an excellent alternative to rugs and carpets, and incredibly soft underfoot. Organize your furniture as you would on a regular carpet; the fibers can bear the weight and pressure of heavy furniture without sustaining damage. It’s far easier to clean as well.

2. Turn playrooms into indoor playgrounds.

More and more schools and commercial establishments are using synthetic turf for playgrounds in place of the real thing. Unlike a natural lawn, artificial absorbs impact better, making it a safer surface for the inevitable trips and falls. Children can play on it as long and hard as they can, and they won’t be able to dig up artificial grass or create grooves under slides and other playground equipment.

This kid-friendly nature makes synthetic grass in Dallas such a fantastic choice for children’s bedrooms. You can use it to cover their floors or make a “live” wall where they can put up their artworks. Better yet, make it a fun little family project and get the little ones involved!

3. Craft “green” furniture with turf as upholstery.

Want an easy way to make a massive impact on your interior design? Replace your upholstery with artificial grass! Turf is a great way to beautify old chairs, tables, couches, ottomans and other pieces of furniture that are showing signs of wear and tear. To make sure that the turf fits every inch of your furniture correctly, let the pros handle the task.

4. Make a statement with an entire turf wall.

Not satisfied with using turf on your floors or as décor? Make synthetic grass the star of the show by covering an entire wall with it! Interior designers have been using this to style offices, open plan homes and business establishments. It’s such an effective way to visually open up any room and bring in a touch of nature.

Not sure you’re ready to do a whole wall yet? You can achieve a beautiful effect making wall patterns out of the best artificial grass for dogs.

Refresh Your Home with Artificial Grass!

Anytime is the right time to beautify your home with artificial grass! At Synthetic Grass DFW, we have everything you need for your project. Our expert installation is ready to improve your home with the industry’s most beautiful and long-lasting turf products! We’d love to give you a free quote, so call us today at 214-298-7726 to get started.