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How to Design a Small Backyard With Artificial Turf and Other Elements

Synthetic Grass DFW
April 16, 2024
Artificial Grass Synthetic Grass
How Artificial Turf Enhances Small Backyard Spaces - SyntheticGrassDFW 1

Artificial turf and small backyards are an excellent match. Unlike natural grass, synthetic turf can be incorporated into any design without having to consider maintenance. You can also “grow” it anywhere regardless of conditions, so you get even more options when it comes to designing your backyard. Use these tips to plan your lawn makeover:

1. Define Your Zones with Artificial Turf

When working with a limited outdoor space, it’s crucial to plan how you want to use each area effectively. Do you envision a cozy spot for morning coffee or evening relaxation with a small table and chairs?  Would you like space for your children or pets to play safely? 

Perhaps a dedicated area for grilling or even a miniature putting green sparks joy. Carefully consider your needs and desires, then divide your backyard into distinct zones to maximize its function. Artificial turf can seamlessly integrate with other hardscaping elements like paving stones, decking, or gravel, creating a sense of separation that defines each area. 

2. Play With Shapes and Curves

Break free from the confines of a traditional rectangular lawn! Introducing curves, circles, or other geometric shapes creates visual interest and can make your backyard appear larger. A circular patch of artificial turf surrounded by stepping stones or a winding path of green invites the eye to explore, tricking the senses into feeling there’s more space than there truly is.

3. Embrace Vertical Space with Artificial Turf

Don’t think of your backyard as being limited to the ground level. Utilize vertical space with artificial turf to maximize greenery without sacrificing precious floor space.  A living wall covered in artificial turf – either entirely textured or with pockets of succulents or colorful blooms interspersed– creates a stunning backdrop for a seating area or focal point. Artificial turf can even be used to create dramatic backdrops for sculptures or water features. 

4. Low-Maintenance Greenery

While artificial turf is the star of this transformation, consider adding borders filled with low-maintenance plants and flowers. Drought-tolerant varieties like succulents, cacti, or ornamental grasses minimize water needs while adding beautiful texture and dimension. If absolutely minimal-maintenance is your goal, artificial flowers or potted plants bring pops of color that can be changed out seasonally with ease. 

5. Create a Play Zone for Kids (or Furry Friends!)

One of the greatest benefits of artificial turf is its suitability for play. The soft, cushioned surface is forgiving for tumbles and minimizes scrapes. Plus, kids and pets won’t track mud into the house after playtime.

Artificial turf is the perfect solution for areas surrounding water features, as it eliminates the risk of slippery mud. High-quality turf stands up to years of rough-and-tumble play while maintaining its lush feel, making it a great long-term choice. 

6. Integrate a Cozy Seating Area for your Artificial Turf

Transform your backyard into a luxurious extension of your home by adding a comfortable seating area. Whether you have space for just a bistro set or a plush outdoor sofa, picture yourself lounging on the perfect green lawn, book in hand, enjoying the serenity. Artificial turf requires none of the upkeep of natural grass, leaving you more time to relax and enjoy the outdoors.

7. Incorporate a Water Feature

The soothing sound of flowing water adds a tranquil touch to any space, and small backyards are especially enhanced. Consider a small fountain, whether a bubbling urn or a tiered design,  nestled amidst your turf. 

If space allows, even a miniature waterfall incorporated into a rockery adds incredible ambiance. For the ultimate serene oasis, consider a tiny pond bordered by artificial turf, where vibrant fish or water lilies create a mesmerizing focal point.

8. Illuminate Your Turf

Artificial turf allows you to enjoy your beautiful backyard long after twilight. Strategically placed lighting makes all the difference. Consider uplighting to highlight specimen trees or add drama to a vertical garden, creating a sense of depth against the dark night. Soft landscape lighting along walkways adds a touch of magic and guides you safely through your green oasis. Well-lit seating areas invite you for a nightcap under the stars. 

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Transforming your small backyard with artificial turf opens a world of possibilities – most of which are unlikely with real grass. If you have questions about design, products, or installation, the team at Synthetic Grass DFW is here to offer guidance and tailored solutions. Let’s start the conversation – call us today at 214-972-0449 or send us a quick message.

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