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5 Most Asked Questions About Artificial Grass

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April 20, 2022
Artificial Grass Synthetic Grass
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We love a good Q&A on our Instagram stories. They help us know the most important questions people have about artificial grass. We put together the 5 most common questions we are asked:

1. Is it safe for pets to potty on?

The answer is yes! The most important factor is that pet areas need good drainage. This will allow you to fully rinse and clean your turf. We carry pet-specific grasses designed with 100% permeability.

2. Does it get hot in the summer?

Also, yes! However, artificial grass technology has come a long way in the last 10 years. Today’s fake grass is far more advanced than the turf of years past. Our grasses have a UV coating to reflect heat instead of absorbing it. Therefore, your grass will get no hotter than a pool deck and can easily be rinsed to cool it off for kids or pets.

3. Can you install it on a sloped yard?

Yes! We have installed artificial grass for 10 years now and many of the yards are sloped or uneven. Fake grass can help with erosion if this is a common issue in your space. If you aren’t sure about the logistics of your area, one of our Specialists can come take a look. There are a number of trouble spots that can be remedied with artificial grass.

4. Does it have rubber infill?

No! Well, not always. Some sports areas, like football fields, do use rubber infill (the small, black granules you see in the grass). The rubber is used in sports grass. It provides a cushiony, soft impact for high-intensity sports.

The most common infill for residential areas is silica sand. Infills help the blades stand up tall, deter bacteria, and help with durability of the grass. Pet grasses can upgrade to an antibacterial infill which have deodorizers in them to neutralize the smell of pet odors.

5. How long does it last & what is maintenance like?

15+ years for most grasses. With proper maintenance and care your artificial grass will withstand the test of time. Literally. For maintenance we recommend leaf blowing debris, poop scooping regularly, and rinsing urine or spills regularly. Do not place hot items, like leaf blowers, on your grass. Infill may need to be redone after several years. Maintenance is extremely minimal – no regular watering, mowing, weed-eating, seeding, sodding… whew!

And there you have it! Our most asked questions. We run Q&A’s on our Instagram @syntheticgrassdfw regularly and these come up the most. Is there a question you have that isn’t answered here? We have a Q&A tab on our instagram with answers to ALL of these questions and more!

Ready to learn more about installing artificial grass in your space? Contact Us today to schedule a free, no obligation estimate. We’ve been in the business for 10 years this year! We’d love the opportunity to discuss your project.