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Best Artificial Grass for Dogs: Making Life Easy for First-Time Pet Owners

Synthetic Grass DFW
July 17, 2020
Artificial Grass
Best Artificial Grass Dogs

Welcoming your first pet home? Puppies bring so much happiness and excitement, but they also take a lot of work. If you have a natural lawn, you’ve probably spent too many weekends mowing, re-seeding and trying to keep it healthy and alive. Why waste all that time when you can use it to have fun with your new pup? Make it happen by switching to the best artificial grass for dogs!

Benefits of Synthetic Grass for First-Time Dog Owners

If you’ve never taken care of a real lawn and a dog at the same time, you’ve got your work cut out for you. Both require tons of attention, time and effort. Fortunately, artificial turf in Dallas can take all those tedious lawn chores out of the equation so you can focus on training and bonding with your puppy. Pet-friendly grass also offers a lot of benefits for dog owners:

Deter Digging

Dogs love to dig, and puppies are no different. Soon enough, you may find yourself tripping over dangerous and unsightly holes in your backyard. Canine turf is designed with incredibly strong grass fibers that can withstand curious paws. Top-notch synthetic grass also includes an advanced backing system to help keep the grass in place against a hyperactive pooch.

Mud-Free Turf

Whether it’s a rainy day or a sunny one, synthetic grass in Dallas will keep mud and dirt off your puppy. Any liquid that comes into contact with artificial grass drains at a rate of up to 90 inches an hour. This means no muddy paws or wet dog smell, and more playtime no matter the weather!

Clean and Odor-Free Yard

Puppies don’t just use the backyard as a play area, but most use them as the bathroom too. If you plan on potty training your dog in your lawn, you’ll be happy to know that it’s very easy to keep turf odor-free. There’s no packed soil to cause puddles. Just pick up solid waste as usual, and rinse urine with some soapy water to get the smell out and let the rest drain away.

Safe and Non-Toxic

Artificial grass eliminates the need for toxic chemicals like weedicides and pesticides, all of which can be harmful to your pets. But don’t worry about weeds, ticks, fleas and other unwanted critters infesting your yard because they won’t find food or shelter on turf. It also eliminates the exposure risk for your puppy.

Forever Beautiful and Green

Finally, the best artificial grass for dogs is also an excellent choice for flawless landscaping. It will always stay green and lush with minimal maintenance. You’ll be able to enjoy a picture-perfect backyard that’s safe, fun and comfortable for your pet at the same time.

With all of these benefits and more, artificial turf allows you to give your puppy the best outdoor environment possible! Ready to get started? Synthetic Grass DFW specializes in creating functional, attractive pet-friendly spaces for homes and commercial spaces. Whether it’s for your own pet, or you’re planning to set up a pet-focused facility, our team can help. Call us at 214-298-7726 to discuss the details of your project!