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Artificial Grass Cost: How It Can Save You Money

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July 21, 2018
Artificial Grass
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Artificial grass is both good for the environment and for your bank account. It’s made of polyethylene, nylon, or polypropylene and colored to look like normal grass. It looks almost exactly the same as sod, and you don’t have to spend a lot of your time keeping it healthy and trimmed. Let’s take a look at artificial grass cost and how installing it in your yard can save you a lot of money.

You Don’t Have to Water It

If you have a sprinkler or irrigation system, part of your water bill goes toward your lawn. While this may not seem like that much money during the winter, that bill can get pretty high during the summer.

And water isn’t cheap either.

Because artificial grass is fake, it doesn’t need any water. This lowers the amount of water you use and, in turn, reduces the amount of money you spend on your water bill every year.

You don’t ever have to worry about watering your artificial grass, and that also means you don’t have to worry about your lawn dying or turning brown. Artifical grass keeps your lawn green and beautiful without spending any extra money on water.

You Don’t Have to Maintain It

Keeping a nice lawn takes a lot of work. You have to revive patches of your lawn if it starts to die, pull up weeds, mow it, buy fertilizers, spend money on weed killers, etc. And whether you plan to do this all yourself or hire someone, you still have to invest a lot of money in your lawn every year.

If you can’t afford to pay someone to maintain your lawn, you have to get the right tools so you can do it yourself. This might include things like edgers, lawn mowers, weeders, rakes, and more. Some of these tools run on electricity or gas, which will just add to your expenses.

And the more you use them, the more worn down they get. You’ll have to buy new ones after a while, and some of these tools aren’t cheap.

Artificial grass doesn’t grow, so you never have to cut it. You don’t have to buy any tools or do any chores to upkeep your artificial lawn at all.

The Overall Savings of Artificial Grass

But doesn’t artificial grass cost a lot more to install than natural sod?

It does.

While natural sod costs about $0.14 to $0.60 per square foot, artificial grass costs anywhere from $5 to as much as $20 per square foot. You might wonder, with such a large installation cost, does artificial grass really save you money in the long run?

Well, let’s take a look.

Artificial Grass Cost and Savings

To find out how much artificial grass can save you, we’re going to set up a scenario.

Let’s say you water your natural sod lawn for six months out of the entire year and spend about $15 on the cost of water. You also fertilize your lawn once a year for $0.20 a square foot. The maintenance cost $25 a week (whether you or professional takes care of it.

Written out like this, maintaining your lawn doesn’t seem too expensive. But when you add it all together, you’re spending over $800 on your lawn every year.

Now let’s look at the cost of an artificial grass lawn.

You don’t have to spend any money on water. You don’t have to fertilize it. You don’t have to do any gardening. So your annual cost for an artificial lawn is $0. And artificial lawns can last about 20 years without any maintenance.

Yes, an artificial lawn is expensive upfront, but it saves you a lot more money in the long run.

Switching to an Artifical Lawn

On top of saving you money, an artificial lawn saves you a lot of time as well. You can give yourself a beautiful lawn without shelling out annual bills or sacrificing your weekends to maintenance.

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