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Create Pet-Friendly Spaces with the Best Artificial Grass for Dogs

Synthetic Grass DFW
April 30, 2019
Artificial Grass
pet friendly lawn

Just like choosing your dog, preparing the lawn for their play space is something you need to think about seriously. Will you be ready to always clean up the mud your pet brings into the house? If you want to avoid this and other maintenance issues, your most viable option is installing the best artificial grass for dogs. Let’s look at how to create pet-friendly spaces below:

Artificial Turf Creates Pet-Friendly Spaces

Never worry about your pet’s behavior on synthetic turf again! Here’s why many homeowners around Dallas, TX prefer pet turf:

  • Pets are easily drawn to it.

Dogs value comfort as much as humans, and they are easily attracted to artificial grass. This is because synthetic turf has a life-like feel and it mimics natural grass perfectly in form.

  • It spells a difference in a dog’s life.

Grass with uniform length can motivate a dog to get more exercise. It also allows your furry friend to do business with ease, compared with varied grass length.

  • Shorter pile heights are easier to clean.

It can be hard to pick up dog poo on uneven turf heights. But, fear not. Getting artificial turf makes picking up fecal matters easier for such circumstances.

  • It can readily cope with a pet’s habits.

If your pet prefers to be in a particular spot, the grass can quickly spring back to its original form. If your pet likes to poop in the same area, you can simply wash it with warm and soapy water. Finally, no need to worry if your pet wants to kick his legs up, the grass is created from plastic that has an excellent backing.

Choose the Best Turf for Your Pets

Now that you know the benefits of artificial turf in Dallas, you need to choose the best turf varieties for your pets to play on. Here at Synthetic Grass DFW, we use two distinct types of turfs for our grass system. These are:

  • Tiger Turf

Tiger Turf is 100% American made artificial grass that is high in quality and can withstand both temperature conditions and physical damages. Its advanced blade development and color variety give off the aura of a natural lawn, plus the advantages of zero mud, zero stains, and zero holes. Your pets can play on the lawn and feel as at home as they do in a natural setting! As a testament to its durability, Tiger Turf carries with it a 15-year manufacturer warranty.

  • EasyTurf

Another top choice of pet owners, EasyTurf not only has a very realistic appearance but also has efficient proprietary drainage known as MaxxFlow. This technology makes cleaning up after your pet a lot easier, with its 100% permeable, rinse-clean trait. It is also free of toxic materials that may harm your dog and is pet stain-resistant. It also has a 15-year warranty as proof of its remarkable durability.

Bring in the Dog Days

If you want worry-free pet surfaces and dirt-free paws, getting artificial grass for your pets is a must. For reliable synthetic grass in Dallas, turn to Synthetic Grass DFW. We have all the tools to make your artificial turf one of the best on your block. Call us at 214-997-6510 now, and be treated to real landscape freedom!