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Most Unusual Places We’ve installed Artificial Grass

Synthetic Grass DFW
September 15, 2021
Artificial Grass Synthetic Grass
artificial grass installation unusual place

It’s true. Pretty much anything can be turfed! Turf is another name for artificial grass or fake grass. We’ve been installing artificial grass for almost a decade. And we’ve seen it all! The majority of our installs are residential homes – front yards, backyards, poolscapes, petscapes, putting greens, and play areas. Also, we cover our fair share of commercial installs with sports fields and green spaces of all kinds. But, we have definitely seen some unusual spots! We our most unusual artificial grass installations in one spot… 

Unusual Artificial Grass Spot #1: Basketball Court Rooftop

Yep. You read that right. Imagine your basketball court having an artificial grass roof! This was definitely one of the most unusual places we’ve installed turf. This particular court was inlaid into a steep hill where you walked down stairs to get inside. You walked out from the back door of the house and that took you right onto the roof of the court where the grass is laid. 

We’ve added a photo so you can see what we mean! This is pre-grass installation. The top of the court is the fenced area and the bottom wall is the indoor basketball court! What do you think? 

Unusual Spot #2: Indoor Putting Green

Is this really that unusual? Yes. A putting green in your house requires sand and infill just like the outdoor kind. You will totally need the right indoor space to pull this off! We have not installed many indoor putting greens so this one makes the list. This particular green winded through some support beams throughout the space. It made the putt interesting! This one was a fun install. 

Would you install an indoor putting green?

Unusual Spot #3: High-Rise Balcony

Most people don’t think to add synthetic grass to their high-rise balcony but let me tell you… it’s a game changer. The soft, lush grass adds an element of comfort to this limited outdoor space. Our business is located near Downtown Dallas, therefore, we have installed grass on many high-rise balconies. The views are breathtaking. The grass adds the perfect touch to the space. 

We’ve added a photo of a recent balcony install! Would you cover your balcony patio with artificial grass?

After nearly a decade of artificial grass installation – we have seen it all. And we still see unusual backyard designs. One of the best parts of what we do is adding the finishing touch on someone’s backyard masterpiece. We see incredibly detailed poolscapes, sports spaces with volleyball & basketball courts, putting greens, turf ribbons, dog runs, and sometimes – all of those combined into one! Any area can benefit from artificial grass including simple areas, functional areas, and hard-to-keep areas. 

We absolutely love what we do and we love a good challenge. Do you have an unusual space? We’d love to see it! 

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