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Why Artificial Grass Makes the Ideal Backyard Playground Turf

Synthetic Grass DFW
September 18, 2018
Artificial Grass
ideal playground turf

Maintaining the suburban lawn rivals baseball for the great American past time. And what a lot of time it passes. For the average American, maintaining lawns and gardens takes 70 hours a year and is a hated chore. Still, a big backyard is a selling point for house hunting parents. Most people want a yard for their kids and would rather deal with the upkeep than sacrifice a place for them to play. But a grass lawn isn’t always the best base for a kid-centric backyard. Here’s why artificial grass edges out natural grass for playground turf.

Better for the Environment

Artificial turf has the advantage of looking like grass without needing any harmful fertilizer or weed killer. Lawn care chemicals were in the news recently when a school groundskeeper sued Monsanto after developing cancer from years of exposure to RoundUp.

This happened to a man who sprayed it away from himself and then left the area. Have you ever seen a kid play before? They roll around in the grass, they fall on their faces, sometimes they lick fences.

Using artificial grass for your play area ensures that your children won’t be exposed to potential carcinogens in your own yard.

The use of synthetic grass also cuts down on waste. It’s often made of recycled materials, which keeps waste out of landfills, and it eliminates water wasted in lawn care. After the drought-plagued summer North Texas had this year, anything that wastes less water can only be a good thing.

Low Maintenance

Keeping a grassy backyard play area in play condition can take hours every week. High grass is itchy on little ankles and becomes a mosquito breeding ground. Mowing is a good start, but there’s also the matter of edging in around playhouses and swing sets.

Without the need for water and manicure, the time spent maintaining an artificial lawn drops by a significant amount. The anti-microbial turf needs only an occasional rinse and spot check of debris.

Kid Friendly

The most important aspect of playground turf for the backyard is its impact on the children playing there. A live yard can be a muddy, lumpy trip hazard, with certain pathways prone to ruts and wear. Artificial grass is tidy and installed over a surface that’s prepped and then smoothed.

It’s also soft! Structural padding under the turf offers extra protection against falls. This makes it great under a raised play set with swings and monkey bars. Artificial grass can also be the perfect solution for the problem space under a trampoline.

Playground Turf Is Easy on the Eyes

Artificial grass is more attractive and realistic looking than ever. It’s not the Easter basket grass of yesteryear. It will provide ease and safety without giving up aesthetics like other playground flooring options.

With a matte grass finish, varied blade height, and depth of color, attention to detail keeps synthetic grass from looking fake. It won’t fade, and it will never brown like natural grass.

Artificial Grass Is the Real Deal

Are you ready to reconsider your playground turf? Or do you want to completely revolutionize your landscaped spaces? Artificial grass has uses in the backyard and beyond.

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