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Keep Your Home Clean with the Best Artificial Grass for Dogs

Synthetic Grass DFW
July 16, 2019
Artificial Grass
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Installing the best artificial grass for dogs not only adds beauty to your place. It also helps keep your home clean and tidy. Beyond its high-quality design and realistic look, synthetic turf minimizes the need for cleanups after letting your dogs in from an outdoor run or spending time on your lawn.

How Synthetic Turf Keeps Your Residence Neat

Choosing artificial turf over natural grass gives you the lawn of your dreams without the demanding upkeep that comes with the real thing. It doesn’t need daily watering, regular trimming, frequent fertilizing and other time-consuming maintenance to thrive. Synthetic grass also reduces the need for cleanups with:

  1. Dig-Proof Grass

Dogs love digging dirt and burying things. Natural grass lawns, in particular, entice dogs to excavate with its fresh greens and soft soil. Fortunately, this is nothing a synthetic turf groundcover can’t fix.

Artificial grass completely covers the soil. It’s padded and smoothed out with filler, effectively making it dig-proof. A dirt-free and dig-proof lawn doesn’t just mean a pristine, hole-free yard. It also means that your dog can’t bring mud and dirt indoors after runs. You’ll be able to save electricity and water in cleaning your carpet or floor.

  1. Absence of Pollen

During spring and summer, natural lawns are brimming with pollen and yellow dust. Both can trigger allergies to anyone who wanders into their paths. They also attract bees and other insects, which could put the health of those using your yard at risk.

In contrast, premium artificial turf in Dallas does not attract pollen or dust. Thus, anyone who uses your yard —from your pets to your family members—are spared from the allergies that come with the season. You also avoid pesky insects from flying around in your yard.

  1. No More Grass Clippings All Over the Place

Natural grass grows and requires frequent mowing. This results in grass clippings getting all over the place. They’re extremely difficult to clear off, which means that some will stick to your pet when they play in the lawn. They can also get stuck to your clothes and shoes. It’s almost always a guarantee that you and your dog will bring them indoors after spending time in your yard.

Since it’s synthetic, the best artificial grass for dogs does not need mowing. Thus, there are no grass clippings that can stick to you or your dogs. Enjoy a low-maintenance, pristine lawn and say goodbye to sweeping grass clippings out of your home.

Invest in Artificial Turf for a Picture-Perfect Lawn and a Cleaner Home

Switch from natural to artificial turf for an easy-to-maintain lawn that helps keep your residence clean. Let your pets and children enjoy the lawn without worrying about grass, mud and dirt sticking to them. Experience truly “clean and green” spaces!

For expert artificial turf installation and first-rate synthetic grass in Dallas, look no further than Synthetic Grass DFW. We will help you enhance your residential spaces and make the most of your synthetic turf options. Call us now at 214-298-7726 for a FREE quote on your installation!