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Worth It! 3 Reasons Why the Best Artificial Grass Is Perfect for Your Home

Synthetic Grass DFW
September 2, 2018
Artificial Grass
Artificial turf green grass

Top 3 Reasons Why the Best Artificial Grass Is Perfect for Your Home

Everybody loves picnics in the grass and the feeling of it springing beneath their feet in the summertime. Large lawns look nice and offer a place for pets to run and kids to play.

However, real grass lawns come with a list of drawbacks including:

  • triggers allergies in some people
  • grass requires a ton of water
  • grass grows endlessly and requires a lot of maintenance
  • invasive grasses and weeds grow and ruin the uniform look
  • many different things cause brown patches that look terrible

If you want the perfect yard, here are 3 reasons to choose the best artificial grass!

The Best Artificial Grass Requires Little UpKeep

The average American spends about 70 hours a year working on their lawn and garden. The average fake grass lasts about 20 years meaning, you’re getting nearly two months of spare time installed in your yard! That leaves plenty of time to host barbeques and show off your prize lawn.

Your neighbor who mows perfect lines every two days will scratch his head when he sees your lush, springy lawn that you never seem to maintain. If you choose the best synthetic grass, then people will think it’s real unless you tell them.

Say goodbye to moving, weeding, fertilizing, watering, and worrying, and hello to a green that the neighbors will envy.

It’s More Eco-friendly Than Live Grass

You may wonder how since real grass is a natural plant. However, the way we maintain the grass to create neat little rectangles of green is not natural at all.

Eliminating lawn mowing reduces air pollution and fuel consumption. Columbia University revealed that Americans spill an estimated 17 million gallons of fuel a year filling up lawn equipment and that the lawnmower contributes to 5% of our air pollution.

Live lawns also require water that fake grass never needs to look lush. In fact, Americans pour about 30%-60% of the urban water into their lawns, and waste a lot of it from leaving sprinkler systems running longer than necessary.

And let’s not forget about fertilizer. If these chemicals kill plants, how safe are they for our pets and children? If for no other reason, get fake grass for your dogs and kids.

The best artificial grass also contributes to conservation efforts because manufacturers often use recycled materials, like plastic bottles and old tires, to make it. The best green is truly green.

Artificial Grass Cost Is Worth It

If you only look at the initial cost of fake lawn compared to real lawn, then synthetic grass may seem extremely expensive. But let’s play economics and look at it in terms of, not only start-up cost but also overhead costs and opportunity cost.

Economics 101 will teach you that a solid investment will make you money in the long run; saved money is earned money. So though your initial investment of $5-$20 per square foot compared to 14 to 60 cents, will not seem so steep in a moment.

Keep in mind, your synthetic grass lasts about 20 years. 20 years of real lawn care costs:

  • $28,000-$76,800 in mowing expenses
  • $2,294.40 for watering a 20 x 20 lawn

Is the fake grass starting to look a lot more affordable?

We did not even get into the opportunity costs. If we spent half of those 70 hours/year that we saved on lawn work working, you would make an additional $11,200, assuming you make only $16 an hour.

Any economist would look at these figures and choose the best artificial turf.

Purchase Your Synthetic Grass Today!

If you’re ready to make a low maintenance, eco-friendly home investment, contact us today. We offer the best artificial grass for your home. The grass is always greener on our side of the fence!