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Process Preview: Synthetic Turf Installation in Dallas

Synthetic Grass DFW
March 14, 2024
Synthetic Grass
What to Expect from Synthetic Turf Installation - SyntheticGrassDFW 1

Considering synthetic turf installation? It’s a big step, and for our clients, one of the best investments they’ve made for their home. Just look at how artificial turf turns these outdoor living areas, pool spaces, and other landscapes into gorgeous green spaces.

Here at Synthetic Grass DFW, we’ll handle everything for you, from helping you polish your design to post-install clean-up. The more you know about the process though, the better you can prepare for the big day to minimize disruptions to your routine.

Here’s what to expect:

The Crew Arrives

A team of our installers will arrive with the necessary equipment for turf installation, which typically includes:

  • Shovels, rakes, and excavation tools
  • Wheelbarrows
  • Plate compactor (can be moderately noisy)
  • Utility knives and carpet cutters
  • Supplies: Base material, weed barrier fabric, seaming tape/adhesive, turf nails/staples

We recommend moving any outdoor furniture, toys, and other items away from the area where the artificial grass will be installed.It’s also important to keep children and pets safely away from the work area during the installation process.

We’ll also appreciate if you clearly mark the location of any underground utilities like gas, water, or electrical lines to avoid accidental damage during installation.

The Preparation Phase

  • Clearing the Way: Our team will start by removing existing sod, grass, weeds, or anything that might obstruct the installation. We’ll tidy up the area for a clean foundation.
  • Sprinkler Adjustments:We will cap off any sprinklers within the installation area to prevent future complications. If you’d like sprinklers relocated or drainage modifications, we’ll take care of it.
  • Setting Boundaries: We will install bender board to create a clear edge between your new artificial grass lawn and any landscaping features or garden beds.

Establishing a Solid Base

  • Compaction: We’ll use specialized tools to compact the soil base, making it level and sturdy for your new lawn.
  • Protective Layer: We may add a layer of carbon fabric for extra stability and weed prevention.

Time to Roll Out the Green

  • Artificial Grass Unfurled: We will carefully lay out large rolls of your chosen artificial grass over the prepared area.
  • Custom Fit: Our installers will meticulously cut and shape the grass to fit your unique space, flawlessly matching edges and any curves or unique design features.

Securing Your Beautiful New Lawn

  • Perimeter Secured: The edges of the artificial grass will be expertly secured to ensure your lawn stays firmly in place.
  • Tucked for Neatness: We’ll make sure edges are tucked in neatly for a clean, polished look.

The Finishing Touches

  • Infill Application: We will spread a special infill material, often sand, evenly across the grass. This helps the grass blades stand upright, creating a realistic and plush feel underfoot.
  • Final Groom: We’ll complete the process by carefully brushing the grass, ensuring a flawless, vibrant, natural look.

Book Your Free Consultation!

At Synthetic Grass DFW, we’ve been transforming spaces with artificial grass for over a decade. Our seasoned installers are meticulous and efficient. We understand that this is not just a project, but an upgrade to your home, and we treat it that way.

If you’re considering artificial grass, we’d love to hear from you! We can help you come up with Dallas landscaping ideas, compare products, and anything else you may need for your project. Get in touch with us to schedule your free consultation and estimate. Call 214-972-0449 or message us today to get started!

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