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Planet, Pets and Play – 3 Reasons Fake Grass Is Hot Right Now

Synthetic Grass DFW
December 7, 2018
Artificial Grass
fake grass

Planet, Pets and Play: 3 Reasons Fake Grass Is Hot Right Now

The production of synthetic turf is expected to grow by 20% over the next three years. This is in addition to a tripling of production over the last 7.  Why has fake grass become such a hot commodity? It’s because more and more homeowners are realizing all of the benefits that it has to offer.

What are you missing out on you ask? Don’t worry we’re going to help you out with three reasons why more and more people are turning to fake grass for their lawns.

1. No More Watering

How are you supposed to maintain a lush beautiful lawn when more and more municipalities are putting restrictions on watering? Grass is a plant and like any plant, it can’t grow without water.

This leaves you with that brown crunchy gross looking and feeling lawn. Instead, opting for a synthetic lawn means you have a beautiful green lawn year round. No water required.

To make it even better, the synthetic turf is made from a UV resistant polyethylene. This means it’s going to lush and green for years to come, even in the heat of the Dallas sun.

2. It Looks Real

Gone are the days of the obviously fake and not so nice feeling AstroTurf. Technology has come so far since then with improving the look and feel of synthetic lawns.

Now you have your choice of short or long fibers. Both of which mimic actual varieties of grass. This means you could have your choice of synthetic Bermuda, zoysia, or St. Augustine grass.

3. Pet-Friendly

With fake grass, you no longer have to deal with your furry loved ones coming into the house all dirty and muddy. This will save you a ton of time when it comes to cleaning their paws or giving them a full-on bath.

Artificial grass also drains better than real grass. This means you’ll experience fewer puddles and pooling. Thanks to a proprietary backing, it drains freely while stopping weeds from making their way up through.

You can also throw away harmful pesticides. With a natural lawn, you’re constantly fighting the bug battle to protect you and your pets. A fake lawn has nothing to offer pests, so they won’t make a home.

Fake Grass

Isn’t it about time you considered fake grass for your Dallas home? Think about the beautiful lawn and improved curb appeal you would have for less expense in time, effort, and money.

With improved technology, you will have a realistic looking and feeling lawn. Gone are the days of the unforgiving and scratchy plastic turf.

This new lawn will make even your furry family members happy. Plus you’ll love how it drains and keep your lawn looking great and your pets clean.

Ready to get started pricing synthetic turf for your home? We can help you!