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Solve Your Flea Problem for Good with the Best Artificial Grass for Dogs

Synthetic Grass DFW
September 5, 2019
Artificial Grass
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Keeping your garden and yard free of fleas is almost impossible when you have a live lawn. These fierce and destructive insects thrive outdoors, and they particularly love the conditions in natural grass yards. Stop trying to pick out these pests from your turf. End a flea infestation for good and protect your pets and home using the best artificial grass for dogs!

Understanding Your Flea Problem

The moment you notice fleas on your dog, chances are that your lawn is already infested with them.  Fleas congregate in the shady and moist areas of the yard. They also like spots with trees, leaves and shrubs. You’ll typically find these nasty pests underneath the porch, around the perimeter of your home, along fences and on any place your dog frequents.

Once fleas hitch a ride on your dog, they can start infesting your home and furniture as well. Unfortunately, it can be very difficult to remove fleas from a natural lawn. Some steps include:

• Treating your pets with a monthly flea medication
• Flooding the grass to flush out eggs and larvae
• Cutting, pruning and mowing the lawn frequently to keep cluttered areas down
• Putting down cedar chips to put off fleas
• Planting pennyroyals and other preventive plants

Doing all of these still doesn’t guarantee you’ll get rid of every parasite in your yard. Miss a few during your purge, and they can quickly grow into another full-blown infestation. For a more effective, long-term solution, turn to the best-quality artificial turf in Dallas.

Artificial Grass: The Ideal Solution for Grass Flea Infestations

When you switch to artificial grass, you stand a higher chance of eliminating fleas for good. Here’s how synthetic turf can help you solve flea infestations in your yard:

•  It stays dry.

Fleas are attracted to cool and moist places, and these are exactly the conditions created by a freshly watered lawn. In contrast, artificial turf doesn’t create a breeding ground for fleas because it doesn’t allow water to stagnate. It’s porous backing quickly drains any moisture on the surface.

•  It maintains optimum height.

Aside from moist areas, fleas are often found in areas with overgrown weeds, shrubs and plants. Because of this, you can’t fall behind on your mowing schedule, or you’ll risk making the infestation worse. Invest in premium synthetic grass in Dallas and have it designed with an even, smooth pile height to remove all the places where fleas can hide. Making the switch will also eliminate tedious tasks such as pruning and mowing.

•  It doesn’t require pesticides.

Treating your yard for fleas may require toxic chemicals, especially if you have a severe infestation on your hands. While such solutions can reduce the number of this pests, they can also seep into the soil or make pets and children sick through prolonged exposure. These are not a risk when it comes to synthetic turf. Since fleas cannot survive on artificial grass, there’s zero need to use potentially dangerous chemicals on your lawn.

Make Your Lawn a Pest-Free Zone!

Say goodbye to grass fleas, ticks, rats and other unwanted critters by covering your lawn with the best artificial grass for dogs! Call Synthetic Grass DFW at 214-298-7726 to learn more about synthetic turf today.