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Upgrade Your Outdoor Canine Kennel with the Best Artificial Grass for Dogs

Synthetic Grass DFW
January 7, 2020
Artificial Grass
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A dog kennel is the perfect space for canine adventures. It allows you to designate an outdoor area for your pooch to enjoy as much as he wants while you’re not around. Cover it with the best artificial grass for dogs instead of natural turf, and you’ll also simplify your backyard upkeep routine and level up your pet’s kennel experience!

Benefits of Synthetic Grass for Dog Kennels

A yard covered with premium artificial turf is the perfect setting for canine kennels. Not only does it stay lush and green throughout the seasons, but it also offers the following advantages:

• Paw-Friendly

Dogs can play, run and roll around on pet-friendly synthetic turf for hours without hurting their paws. It also offers a luxurious nap setting with its soft and springy surface.

• Safe for Pets

Top-quality artificial grass in Dallas, TX has no detectable traces of lead and other harmful chemicals. Since it doesn’t need weedicides, pesticides and herbicides to thrive, there’s also no risk of exposing your canine to toxic solutions. Bacteria buildup is also not a problem, especially if you invest in an acrylic-coated, anti-microbial infill.

• Pet-Proof

Pet waste has no lasting effect on synthetic grass, which means you can say goodbye to turf stains and dead grass. Simply pick up after your pooch and rinse the affected area to clean your yard. Artificial turf is also impervious to digging and scratching, ensuring a beautiful, pristine kennel even if you have a canine bent on wreaking havoc to your kennel.

• Long-Lasting

Premium synthetic turf is built to last up to 15 years or more. It can withstand severe weather conditions, wear and tear, high foot traffic and heavy weights without fading and getting damaged.

• Easy to Maintain

You don’t have to do much to keep artificial grass in top condition. Aside from cleaning up pet waste, you just need to clear off debris from its surface and brush up its blades often.

4 Ways to Level Up Outdoor Kennels with Artificial Grass

With the best artificial grass for dogs, you can turn your kennel into a luxurious canine amenity. Consider these synthetic turf installation ideas.

1. Cover your dog kennel with artificial grass.

2. Use different types of synthetic turf to add variety to your kennel.

3. If your kennel features canine play equipment, cover them with synthetic turf.

4. If your kennel has hardscape flooring, consider covering only a portion of it with artificial grass to accent the setup.

Spruce Up Your Canine’s Outdoor Space

Don’t settle for less than the best, pet-friendly synthetic grass in Dallas for your outdoor kennel. Turn to Synthetic Grass DFW for all your artificial turf needs to reap these amazing benefits:

• 100% made in the US

• Warranties of up to 15 years

• Dirt-free

• Non-toxic

• Non-allergenic

• Weather-resistant

• Low-maintenance

• Looks and feels like the real thing

Aside from premium artificial turf products and accessories, we also offer top-quality installation services. Let our team of experts help you level up your canine kennel today. Call Synthetic Grass DFW now at 214-298-7726 to learn more about the versatile application of artificial grass and get a FREE quote!