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The Superior Durable Qualities of the Best Artificial Grass for Dogs

Synthetic Grass DFW
December 26, 2019
Artificial Grass
best artificial grass for dogs

Switching to the best artificial grass for dogs is sometimes the last resort for homeowners tired of pets destroying their lawn. Synthetic turf is tougher than natural grass, making it the ultimate solution for a beautiful yard that can resist even the roughest puppy playtime.

What Makes Artificial Grass for Dogs So Durable?

Several elements make artificial grass suitable for homes with pets. The following factors contribute to its exceptional durability:

• Nylon Fibers

When choosing synthetic turf that will be used by canines, opt for the most hard-wearing material you can find. One of the toughest fibers available today is nylon. It can stand up daily heavy use, doesn’t bend or break easily and won’t yield to pressure from dogs digging, running or jumping.

• Higher Face Weight

In general, face weight indicates the durability of synthetic turf in Dallas. The higher the face weight, the sturdier and denser the turf is. Synthetic grass with high face weight also offers a lusher yard that feels and looks like a natural lawn. Therefore, the ideal artificial grass for dogs has a higher face weight with a minimum of 16,000 stitches per square yard.

• Shorter Pile Height

A shorter pile height allows artificial grass for dogs to resist damage. It can accommodate activity without breaking and recovers easily from pressure and force. If you’re choosing turf made of polypropylene or polyethylene, a pile height of 0.8-1.2in is an excellent choice. For nylon turf, 0.8-1.3in will do the job.

• Weather Resistance

Another essential quality of the best artificial grass for dogs is weather resistance. The toughest turf is not affected by rain, heat or cold. It’s also resistant to fire, UV rays and corrosion, making it an excellent lawn cover for various homes.

• Expert Installation

Finally, you only get the benefits of these qualities when you hire professional artificial turf installers. They’ll ensure that your synthetic lawn has seamless edges so that it can withstand dogs that love to play rough. They’ll also prepare the ground to prevent hazards, such as slopes and wrinkles that can trip both pets and people. Experienced, expert installers are a must to maximize your artificial grass investment.

The Best Artificial Turf in Dallas for Dogs and Families

Synthetic Grass DFW can help you achieve the beautiful, low-maintenance, pet-friendly yard of your dreams! Our artificial grass for dogs is not just great for your pets, but your family and home as well. Look forward to the following benefits:

• No more muddy paw prints on your furniture and floors

• Enjoy an evergreen lawn that will never have brown, withered or dead patches

• Reduce the presence of parasites and pests in your yard

• Say goodbye to toxic pesticides and fertilizers for a safer outdoor space

• Limit your yard upkeep tasks to rinsing, brushing and clearing debris off your turf

Whether you want a synthetic lawn for landscaping or commercial purposes, Synthetic Grass DFW is the only artificial grass installer you’ll need. Call us today at 214-298-7726 for a FREE consultation!