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Can Pets Dig Through or Damage Artificial Grass for Dogs Near Me?

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October 16, 2023
Pet turf
How does artificial grass stay pet-proof

Dogs love to dig. It’s an innate behavior that, while entertaining for them, may not be so much fun for your lawn. Those adorable paws can wreak havoc on a grassy yard, leading to unsightly holes and a potentially perilous landscape. Luckily, there’s a solution—artificial grass for dogs near me. 

How Does Artificial Grass Stay Dig-Proof?

Even the most determined dogs can’t dig through synthetic turf.

Strong Material with Artificial Grass

Premium artificial grass is made from durable plastic fibers, generally polyethylene, polypropylene, or nylon, which are more robust and resilient than natural grass. These materials make the turf resilient against your dog’s relentless dig.

Sturdy Backing and Infill

The grass’s foundation is built from a sturdy backing that dogs can’t penetrate. Further reinforcement comes from the sand or rubber infill. When properly installed, these components create a solid barrier against digging.

Secure Installation

Besides high-quality artificial grass for dogs near me, proper installation also goes a long way in turning yards pet-proof. Experts know what to do to ensure there are no loose ends for your canine companion to exploit.

Other Forms of Dog Damage in Lawns That Artificial Grass Prevents

Beyond preventing doggy digging, artificial grass also helps mitigate other forms of lawn damage caused by dogs. These troubles can include urine damage and wear and tear. 

Urine Damage

If your pets use your yard as their bathroom, you’re probably used to seeing yellow patches all over the area. This is a result of nitrogen in dog urine which, in high concentrations, is essentially too much of a good thing for your grass. 

While the right amount of nitrogen can work as a fertilizer, an excessive amount can end up ‘burning’ your grass, leading to those unsightly yellow or brown spots.

However, artificial grass is resistant to this urine damage. Crafted from synthetic materials, it doesn’t react to the nitrogen in your dog’s urine. Instead of being absorbed and thus affecting the color as it does in natural grass, any urine on your artificial lawn can be easily washed away with a garden hose. 

As such, artificial grass retains its lush green look year-round, without sporting the patchwork appearance natural grass often ends up with.

Doggy Wear and Tear

Dogs are energetic creatures, and they love to run and play. While it’s wonderful to watch Fido frolicking around, this can also lead to significant wear and tear on natural lawns. 

High-traffic areas, like your dog’s favorite running route or often chosen spot for games of fetch, can quickly become worn out, leading to bare patches of dirt. With artificial grass for dogs near me, however, this is not an issue. 

Synthetic grass is crafted to be highly durable, standing up to foot and paw traffic. Its sturdy construction ensures that it can withstand the active play of your pets, without showing signs of wear.

Pet-Proof Your Yard Today!

It’s clear that artificial grass has extensive benefits for dog owners seeking a resilient, durable, and maintenance-free landscape solution.

Are you ready to transform your lawn into a beautiful, dog-friendly dreamscape that requires minimal maintenance? Reach out to Synthetic Grass DFW for premium synthetic pet turf and expert installation services. Your lawn – and your furry friend – will thank you!

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