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How Installing Synthetic Grass Can Change Your Life

Synthetic Grass DFW
April 5, 2018
Synthetic Grass
installing synthetic grass

A lovely home with a wide lawn embodies the dream of every American family. No matter how dreary your home looks, so long as the lawn is green and lush, all visual unpleasantness tends to disappear. The lawn also serves as an oasis for relaxation, a safe place for family fun and fitness, and a trap that prevents soil from eroding with runoff. Surround your lawn with flowering plants masterfully arranged in a well-built landscape and you’ll get an outdoor space that stands out in the neighborhood by installing synthetic grass.

Unfortunately, all of these great benefits come at a price. Maintaining your lawn is not only expensive but tiring and time-consuming as well. Apart from the regular watering and trimming, you also need to seed and weed your lawn regularly to keep it healthy and unvarying in all areas. Those who want to avoid the tedious tasks and outlays that entail lawn care should choose to not have lawn at all. However, that would mean exposing their property’s soil to the elements. Soon it will get dry and turn into a mini desert, which can spawn various other problems at home.

Going synthetic will allow you to enjoy the best of both worlds. Artificial turf will give you both the fresh look of real grass and the ease of not having lawn to care for. Here’s a better look at how shifting from natural grass to synthetic grass can benefit you.

No More Watering

Around 50 percent of residential water goes towards lawn care. It may not seem huge in that figure but that’s equivalent to thousands of gallons of water per year. Even if Dallas-Fort Worth gets about 39 inches of rain annually, it still isn’t efficient and practical to spend that much water on grass alone. With artificial turf, you can avoid this wasteful practice, as artificial turf doesn’t require regular watering to stay green.

Of course, you will still need water to get rid of dirt and debris that accumulate on the artificial grass over time, but this is just very minimal compared to how much you spend on natural grass, and you only need to do it occasionally. Simply hose down the blades until all dirt washes away and, voila, your artificial grass is back in its pristine and healthy look again.

Keep Your Mower for Good

It’s not just water that drains down the soil when you’re maintaining natural grass, but gas, too. A typical lawn mower can consume up to 6 liters of gasoline in a single round and that’s depending on the type of machine you’re using and your yard’s dimension. A walk-behind mower can cost you no more than 1 liter, while a zero-turn mower can consume around 2.5 liters. Apart from excessive fuel consumption, using lawn mower also contributes to air and noise pollution. With artificial grass, you can kiss all of these troubles goodbye for good. You can permanently keep your lawn mower in your shed or down the cellar.

Avoid Weeding Altogether

There are hundreds of different species of weeds that can grow on your lawn, some of which can be dangerous to your health and to the health of your pets. Additionally, weeds make the lawn look ugly, as most of them have a different shade, thickness, and height. The most common species you’ll encounter include crabweed, yallow, dead nettle, and black medic. They can grow fast, which is why you need to perform lawn care every now and then. Not only is this task too tedious, but it is also expensive, since you will need to use some chemicals to handle several types of grass. All of this will go away if you replace your natural grass with artificial one.

Certified Durable

Well-installed artificial grass can give you over 15 years of maintenance-free life. This, however, depends on the volume of traffic you allow on your property. It will be down to 10 years or less if you love hosting parties and barbecues in your yard. Nevertheless, this is still quite lengthy enough to get the most value for your money. By the time you need to replace you artificial turf, you will have saved several times more money on lawn maintenance than you will need for replacement. You don’t even have to worry about the grass fading or turning yellow overtime. The fibers that make up the blades are UV-stabilized so they won’t lose their shade under the sun.

Safe for Your Kids and Pets

While natural grass seems like a nice surface for your kids and pets to play on, it actually poses certain health risks. As mentioned before, there may be certain grass species that can cause allergy or worse poison. The chemicals from fertilizer and pesticide you use to maintain your lawn may be harsh, too. On the other hand, synthetic grass doesn’t have any harmful chemicals simply because you don’t need to sprinkle fertilizer or pesticide on them. And because they prevent grass from ever sprouting from underneath the mat, you don’t have to worry about any harmful species of plants putting your kids and pets in harm’s way. Some blades are designed to be particularly long, making the whole grass soft enough to prevent your kids from hurting themselves in case they fall.

Unmatched Flexibility

Just as natural grass comes in a variety of species, synthetic turf also comes in a range of blade structures, colors, and depths. This is to provide consumers with more than one option so that they can pick just the right type for their property. What’s amazing about synthetic grass is that, unlike natural grass, it can be conveniently cut into the shape of the area on your property that needs patching. You can install a small strip on the patio or around your pool and it would still look quite elegant.

Not all synthetic grass, however, are of similar quality as they are not made by the same manufacturer. If you’re looking to replace your natural grass with synthetic grass soon, you have to find a provider that offers the highest quality products and the most impressive workmanship. After all, this will be one of the biggest investments you will make in your lifetime, so you have to put your best foot forward. Leading Dallas-Fort Worth installers, such as Synthetic Grass DFW, can help you achieve your goals.


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