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Landscaping for Large Yards: Tips on Using Artificial Turf in Dallas, TX

Synthetic Grass DFW
April 23, 2020
Synthetic Grass
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Many homeowners dream of having a large backyard to relax in and enjoy with the family. While there’s tons of space to work with, it can be expensive and tricky to get the design you want. However, this doesn’t mean you have to downsize or give up your ideal landscape. In the hands of professionals, using artificial turf in Dallas, TX can help you maximize every inch of that space while making the area cozier at the same time.

Landscaping Design Tips for Large Backyards

Not sure where to start landscaping your big lawn? Turn that blank canvas into a work of art with these design tips:

Divide your yard into distinct sections.

Dividing your yard into different sections makes it more manageable and gives each area a job to do. Rather than having a massive garden that can be tedious to maintain, you can designate a small Zen corner instead. If you have children, they’ll love having a mini playground they can call their own. Do you host a lot of parties? Dedicate a section to outdoor gatherings.

Synthetic turf in Dallas is the perfect material because landscapers can cut it into any shape and size to fit each section. Feel free to be creative with the design. Want a checkerboard pattern for your play space? Consider it done with artificial grass!

Break up your large lawn with trees and plants.

A lot of people are surprised when they discover that it’s possible to combine artificial grass with live plants and trees. If you want to go that route, mention it as early as possible during the landscaping design process with your installer. There are several ways to integrate living flora with turf, such as:

• Shaping artificial grass around existing trees, leaving enough space to let in sunlight, nutrients and moisture
• Using planter boxes and pots to hold your plants
• Adding a plant island in one section of your landscape

Don’t worry about maintaining your plants – the best synthetic grass in Dallas is well-suited to gardens. Its porous backing drains water efficiently, while the weed barrier keeps your backyard pristine and keeps the focus on your beautiful blooms. It’s also an excellent opportunity to remove toxic plants and weeds that can present health risks to your household.

Switch things up with hardscapes.

Unlike real grass, artificial turf can handle heavy weights without being damaged. This allows you to use hardscapes like stone pavers for pathways, mini walls between two sections, a raised fire pit, or an outdoor deck. You can even add a fountain or splash pad to visually cool down your lawn and add another amenity.

Turn Your Backyard from Basic to Stunning with Artificial Grass

At Synthetic Grass DFW, it doesn’t matter how big or how small your yard is. We’ll craft a customized landscape solution that makes the most of your lawn and reflects your vision. Explore the possibilities of artificial grass in Dallas, TX— dial 214-298-7726, and let’s talk about your ideas for the perfect synthetic landscape!