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The Amazing Savings that the Best Artificial Grass for Dogs Can Get You

Synthetic Grass DFW
October 9, 2019
Synthetic Grass
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Installing pet-friendly artificial grass for dogs in your residential spaces keeps your pets healthier and happier. Synthetic turf resembles the look and feel of real grass, so your pet will feel right at home on these surfaces.

What’s more, artificial turf does not need as much maintenance as real grass. Now you can say hello to a stress-free and cost-effective yard for years to come! Save BIG with when you make the switch to synthetic grass!

Things You Can Save with Pet-Friendly Artificial Pet Turf

Today, more and more homeowners continue to reap the many advantages of artificial turf installation. They were able to save BIG on a lot of household expenses. You, too, can save more by investing in the best synthetic grass!

Save on the following when you install artificial grass:

• Water

Natural turf requires regular watering to stay green. Premium synthetic grass in Dallas, on the other hand, does not require watering to stay green and vibrant. Simply hose down the feces and urine of your pet to keep it clean and odor-free. Say goodbye to astronomically high-water bills with your artificial grass scape!

• Housecleaning Solutions

Natural lawn attracts dirt that can be hard to clean, especially during the rainy season. Your dog will drag soil into the house, bringing in harmful bacteria with them.  With synthetic grass, your canine will no longer track in dirt after a long walk on the lawn. There is no soil at the surface, so there is nothing for water to mix with to form mud. As a result, you don’t have to tidy your floor using cleaning solutions. Less cleaning, less hassle!

• Flea Treatments

Since artificial turf in Dallas does not attract fleas like natural grass, you can save up on the flea treatments that you will use on your dog. No more scratching and irritating reactions from your pet when he comes out to play!

• Trips to the Vet

Artificial grass is non-allergenic, so your pooch can always enjoy the lawn, free from all potential health hazards. This means that your dog does not need to go to the vet for reasons other than their regular check up. In addition, you can save on medicine and therapy expenses.

• Mowing Costs

Natural grass requires mowing to retain its ideal height. The good news is that artificial turf stays the same height, eliminating the need for mowing, mulching and trimming for good. As a result, you save on fuel for your lawnmower and labor expenses for hiring someone to mow the lawn for you!

Save More When You Install Quality Pet-Friendly Artificial Grass!

Get significant savings by installing high-quality artificial grass for dogs. Invest in synthetic turf, and welcome a durable and aesthetic landscape you can be proud of!

Leave it to Synthetic Grass DFW to get you the grass installation you need. As installers of the best artificial grass for dogs, we provide home spaces that are human- and pet-friendly.  Our grass products offer the following benefits:

• Realistic look and feel

• 100% made in the USA

• Warranty of up to 15 years

• Non-toxic and non-allergenic

• Superior drainage

• Quality installation on the first try!

Get the pet-friendly home landscape of your dreams! Call 214-298-7726 for a FREE quote on your backyard project.