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Can You Build a Putting Green on a Deck?

Synthetic Grass DFW
February 21, 2024
Synthetic Grass
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Yes, you can certainly build a backyard putting green on your deck! The beauty of artificial turf is that you can “grow” grass anywhere and that includes hardscaped decks. However, it does take an experienced putting green installer to pull off this type of installation. 

Here at Synthetic Grass DFW, for instance, we carefully plan for drainage and prepping the existing deck surface to create a solid foundation for the putting green. We’re happy to go into more detail during your free consultation, but in the meantime, let’s talk more about building putting greens on decks.

Advantages of Building a Putting Green on Your Deck

Convenience: You can access your putting green right outside your door, perfect for quick practice sessions or casual games.

Space-Saving: If you have limited yard space, a deck green utilizes existing space.

Customization: You can design the green to fit your preferred size, shape, and features, just like a backyard putting green.

Entertainment: Provides a fun activity for you, your family, and guests.

Potential Value Increase: Unique features like a putting green can add value to your home.

Installation Considerations for a Deck Putting Green

While the DIY spirit is commendable, building a deck putting green demands specialized knowledge and experience. Here are some of the factors we consider when working on the best putting greens in Dallas:

Structural Integrity

We can’t stress this enough – your deck needs to be structurally sound and we evaluate this in detail. Artificial turf, infill, and furniture add significant weight, requiring additional support beams and joists. Skipping this step jeopardizes not only safety but also the playability of your green with an uneven surface. 

Drainage Solutions

We know what happens when water pools on your deck – disaster. We prioritize a well-designed drainage system with slopes, channels, and weep holes to direct water away from the structure, preventing costly damage. 

Artificial Turf Selection

We understand that one size doesn’t fit all. We guide you towards high-quality, putting green-specific turf that delivers optimal performance in terms of pile height, playability, durability, and UV resistance. Sun-bleached, worn-out turf detracts from both aesthetics and functionality, and we avoid that at all costs.

Seamless Installation

We value a smooth, consistent putting experience, achieved through meticulously installed, imperceptible seams. Our skilled installers ensure proper joining and securing of turf seams, eliminating any bumps or distractions that could hinder your game.

Infill Selection

Ball speed, playability, and maintenance requirements all hinge on the right infill material. We collaborate with you to determine whether sand, rubber granules, or a combination best aligns with your desired playing style and maintenance preferences.

Edging Finishing

We ensure a clean, finished look with durable edging materials like wood, metal, or pavers, preventing turf unraveling and maintaining long-lasting aesthetics and functionality.

Book a Free Consultation

Remember, meticulous planning, high-quality materials, and professional installation are the cornerstones of a successful deck putting green project. Got more questions? Call us at 214-972-0449 or send us a message to book your free consultation today.

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