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Synthetic Grass FAQ: Is Artificial Grass Durable Enough for My Pets?

Synthetic Grass DFW
November 4, 2020
Artificial Grass
synthetic grass faq

After reseeding, fertilizing and caring for that bare patch in your yard, the grass is finally starting to grow again. Unfortunately, your dog just decided it’s the perfect spot to bury their new bone! For many pet owners, maintaining a beautiful lawn always feels like an uphill battle. But, artificial grass for dogs can give you the best of both worlds: a happy pet and a lawn you can be proud of!

What Makes Artificial Turf Dog-Proof?

To understand why high-quality artificial turf is indestructible by dogs, you must know what makes it so resilient:

  • High Stitch Rate – Synthetic grass has a high stitch rate making the grass durable and natural looking. The ideal stitch rate for turf is at least 16,000 stitches per square yard.
  • Carefully-Designed Gauge – The gauge is the space between the stitching on artificial turf. High-quality pet turf has less distance between the lines, making the grass hardwearing.
  • Reliable Backing – Quality synthetic grass has woven fabric as its backing. The woven fabric helps the turf withstand extreme conditions.
  • Strong Joining Seam Tape – You might wonder how artificial turf does not come off of the ground. Expert installers of synthetic turf use durable joining seam tape to ensure a seamless finish and long-lasting fitting.

What Kind of Activities Can My Dog Enjoy on Artificial Grass?

With the latest artificial grass designs and their reliable materials, your dogs are free to enjoy their favorite activities in the yard, including:

  • Scratching and Digging – When dogs scratch or dig in the backyard, your natural lawn is ruined. This problem is eliminated by artificial turf. Your dog can try to dig all they want, but artificial grass will remain undamaged.However, there will be rare occurrences where you might need to have your artificial turf refilled. Not because the turf is damaged, but because the infill materials might get displaced after aggressive digging.
  • Running – Dogs seem to have infinite energy and they just love to run around the backyard. Especially when they have excess energey, you won’t be able to stop them from having fun!If you have a natural lawn, the foot traffic might leave dead patches and wear a path on your landscape. With artificial turf you won’t have to worry about this at all. All you need to do is brush the artificial grass with a stiff broom or a rake to keep it lush and standing upright.
  • Roughhousing – If you have multiple dogs, they enjoy roughhousing now and then. No doubt about it! When done on a traditional lawn, destruction is inevitable. But with artificial grass, you can let your pets play to their hearts’ content.Finally, artificial grass provides cushioning to prevent injuries and make outdoor activities safer and comfortable.
  • Urinating and Defecating – Yes! Your pets can urinate and defecate on artificial turf. Solid materials will need to be removed with a poop-scoop manually and common urination areas can be rinsed with water 1-2x per week. We also recommend a deep cleaning service once per year to thoroughly clean common potty areas.

Enjoy Worry-Free Backyard Fun With Your Pets

A beautiful, low-maintenance and pet-friendly backyard is possible with artificial turf. Want to know how to create an outdoor paradise both you and your furry friend will enjoy? We’d love to help you explore more benefits of high quality turf options for pets! We provide free on-site estimates Monday – Friday. Please give us a call today at 214-298-7726 to schedule.