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4 Exciting Games to Play on Top-Quality Synthetic Turf in Dallas

Synthetic Grass DFW
September 13, 2019
Artificial Grass
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Who doesn’t love exciting backyard games?! They are made better with artificial grass! Because of its realistic appearance and minimal upkeep requirements, synthetic grass is fast becoming a popular choice for landscaping and play surfaces. Enjoy your favorite games atop a lush, evergreen lawn with top-quality synthetic turf in Dallas.

4 Games You Can Play on Artificial Grass

Artificial turf improves on natural grass lawns by taking away dirt and providing a more controlled grass surface for playing games on. Make the switch, and you’ll no longer have to worry about damaged grass, ground divots and mud all over your clothes during intense play.  Synthetic grass’ flexibility also allows you to create a wide variety of fields for different recreational activities.

Here is a list of outdoor games you can enjoy on an artificial turf surface:

1. Golf

A putting green is probably the first playing field that comes to mind when you choose to install artificial grass in Dallas, TX. Designed to mimic the actual surface on the golf course, a synthetic putting green lets golfers perfect their swings when performing their putt. Take your pick from the various turf products specifically made for both the putting surface and the fringe grass to achieve that tournament-level feel.

2. Bocce

A combination of ball throwing and target practice, bocce needs a flat, even area to be fully enjoyed. Achieve the perfect bocce ball court with synthetic turf. With a surface free of depressions, bocce players can perform their moves without a hassle. Enjoy a fair, competitive contest in your backyard!

3. Ring Toss or Horseshoes

Horseshoe and ring toss games are popular party staples. They don’t require major skill to accomplish and can bring out everyone’s competitive spirit. However, heavy horseshoes and rings can create divots on and flatten sections of a natural lawn. Artificial turf addresses this issue with its impact-proof material, which allows the grass surface to withstand heavy weights and retain its original form.

4. Obstacle Course

A fun and exciting outdoor setup, the obstacle course can be enjoyed by both adults and kids alike. It usually includes various features, such as monkey bars, hurdles, jump ropes and cones. The objective is to clear all these obstacles in the fastest time possible. Because of the speed required by this activity, falls and slips are likely to occur. Severe injuries that otherwise could occur on unkempt lawns can be prevented by installing the top-quality synthetic turf in Dallas.

Make Playtimes More Fun with Fake Grass!

Play all the games you want with high-quality synthetic grass! Trust only an expert installer for your play surface project. A professional backyard turf installation will give you the following benefits:

  • Non-toxic and non-allergenic
  • Does not become slippery when wet
  • No need for trimming or mowing
  • Lush, vibrant grass even during droughts

For aesthetic and recreational artificial grass landscapes, count on Synthetic Grass DFW. As a provider of the best artificial grass for dogs, we also ensure the safety of our turf for your four-legged friends. Contact us today request a FREE quote!