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Turn Your Grounds Into a Modern Formal Landscape With Synthetic Grass in Dallas

Synthetic Grass DFW
December 14, 2020
Synthetic Grass
Landscape With Synthetic Grass

Modern formal landscaping mixes hardscapes and greeneries to form geometrical lines, shapes and sections. Natural grass is a staple of this style, which makes it hard to achieve since grass is tricky to grow evenly close to pavers. Find the perfect solution in premium synthetic grass in Dallas,

How Synthetic Grass Makes Modern Formal Landscaping a Breeze

A slightly relaxed version of traditional landscaping, modern formal landscaping gives a ton of leeway for creativity. Its typical features include:

  • Manicured hedges and bushes
  • Flat grounds, clean lines and bold shapes
  • Natural stones and similar hardscapes
  • Elegant water features like modern fountains
  • Subdued tones and textures

Pristine lawns typically surround or accommodate these design elements. Their softness and vibrance provide a beautiful contrast to the hardscapes while amplifying the lushness of the existing greeneries.

Installing artificial turf in Dallas instead of growing the real thing cancels the need for costly, complicated and time-consuming grass care tasks, such as:

  • Watering
  • Trimming or mowing
  • Fertilizing
  • Applying chemical solutions
  • Seeding
  • Conducting seasonal care

Synthetic turf also eliminates the long waiting period involved in growing grass. It typically takes less than a week to install it, depending on the size of the installation site. Once it’s laid down, you’ll have a beautiful, lifelike, evergreen lawn that can last up to 10 years or more with proper upkeep.

On top of that, artificial grass also features next-level durability, making it impervious to damage due to high foot traffic and heavy items. Feel free to place outdoor décor and furnishings on its surface. It also boasts super weather resistance, doesn’t get slippery when wet, stays mud-free after rain and comes equipped with an excellent drainage system.

Synthetic Grass Design Tips to Channeling that Gorgeous Modern Formal Aesthetic

First, establish the areas that you want to install artificial grass on. Then, plan out your design elements. Consider these landscaping tips to achieve that perfect modern formal style:

  • Identify a focal point.

    A focal point can be anything from a patio or an amenity to a fountain or a large plant. Once you’ve determined your landscape’s centerpiece, work your way out. Create lines and geometric shapes using synthetic turf in Dallas that draw attention to the focal point. Use other design elements, such as plants, urns and other ornaments to frame the scene.

  • Keep scale and geometry in mind.

    Go big or go home when it comes to scaling. Remember that modern formal landscaping is all about clean lines and bold forms, and what better way to exhibit these elements than to make them big. Make sure to integrate circles, rectangles, triangles and other shapes are stapes into your setup. You can infuse these geometrical shapes into your artificial grass installation to enhance its visual appeal.

  • Use neutral hues.

    Unlike most landscapes that thrive on vibrant colors, modern formal landscapes are defined by neutral hues. Stick to plant varieties and décor that feature subdued shades. Touches of white are also welcome. Be sure to pick a synthetic turf type that compliments your landscape’s color scheme.

Make the Most of Artificial Grass’s Landscaping Potential

Want more smart design ideas using synthetic grass in Dallas for your landscape? Consider these brilliant hacks and consult professional synthetic installers. The latter has years of experience landscaping and laying down turf, so they’ll surely have a ton of recommendations for your space.

For expert landscaping solutions, look no further than Synthetic Grass DFW. Expect brilliant results when you have our seasoned installers working on your project. Call us now at 214-298-7726 for inquiries and to acquire a FREE quote.