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Sharpen Your Short Game With Artificial Turf for Dallas Putting Greens

short game putting greens

Top-quality artificial turf in Dallas is perfect for putting greens. It comes in variants designed to provide the same ball roll as commercial courses. It features superb durability and weather resistance and is a breeze to maintain. Because it’s hypoallergenic and doesn’t require chemical treatments, it’s a safer play space than its natural turf-covered counterparts.…

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The Perks of USA Made Grasses & Locally Sourced Products

locally sourced products

For 10 years we have been a leading turf installer in the Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex. We are a family owned and operated business. Our standards have never changed. We carry high-quality artificial grass made in the USA and source our rock, and other materials, locally.   We Are Family Owned & Operated Our company began…

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5 Most Asked Questions About Artificial Grass

artificial grass questions

We love a good Q&A on our Instagram stories. They help us know the most important questions people have about artificial grass. We put together the 5 most common questions we are asked: 1. Is it safe for pets to potty on? The answer is yes! The most important factor is that pet areas need…

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Most Unusual Places We’ve installed Artificial Grass

artificial grass installation unusual place

It’s true. Pretty much anything can be turfed! Turf is another name for artificial grass or fake grass. We’ve been installing artificial grass for almost a decade. And we’ve seen it all! The majority of our installs are residential homes – front yards, backyards, poolscapes, petscapes, putting greens, and play areas. Also, we cover our…

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Why Choose Synthetic Grass for Your Landscaping Project

landscaping project

Are you looking to upgrade your backyard space soon? Synthetic grass is trending as one of the top landscaping trends this year and may be a great addition to your next landscaping project. Today we are highlighting a few reasons to choose synthetic grass as part of your project. Synthetic grass is low maintenance. Synthetic…

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What is Artificial Turf Grass?

artificial turf grass

One of the biggest landscaping trends of the year is artificial turf grass. What is it? Is it a good alternative to a natural lawn? Here is some helpful information on what artificial turf grass is, installing turf, and how durable it is for your landscape. What is Artificial Turf Grass? First, we use the…

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