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A Quick Guide to Keeping Your Synthetic Lawn Bug-Free

Pest Management Tips for Artificial Grass Lawn - synthetic dfw 1

Replacing your lawn with artificial turf in Dallas automatically cuts down the pest population in your backyard. It’s simple – artificial grass doesn’t provide the natural food sources or habitats that many pests need. Without organic matter to feed on or burrow into, pests like grubs, ants, and fleas have little reason to infest synthetic…

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What Makes Artificial Grass Look Real?

What Makes Artificial Grass Look Realistic- SyntheticGrassDFW 2

Artificial grass has seen remarkable advancements in recent years, making it an appealing alternative to natural lawns.  Yet, many Dallas homeowners still worry that artificial options will look too obviously fake.  We get it – poor-quality artificial grass certainly looks like cheap, green plastic. But the kind of products we use here at Synthetic Turf…

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Process Preview: Synthetic Turf Installation in Dallas

What to Expect from Synthetic Turf Installation - SyntheticGrassDFW 1

Considering synthetic turf installation? It’s a big step, and for our clients, one of the best investments they’ve made for their home. Just look at how artificial turf turns these outdoor living areas, pool spaces, and other landscapes into gorgeous green spaces. Here at Synthetic Grass DFW, we’ll handle everything for you, from helping you…

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Can You Build a Putting Green on a Deck?

Transform Your Deck Into a Putting Paradise - DFW 2

Yes, you can certainly build a backyard putting green on your deck! The beauty of artificial turf is that you can “grow” grass anywhere and that includes hardscaped decks. However, it does take an experienced putting green installer to pull off this type of installation.  Here at Synthetic Grass DFW, for instance, we carefully plan…

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Is Synthetic Grass Worth The Investment?

synthetic grass investment

Upgrading the aesthetic of your home with synthetic grass is definitely an investment. Is it worth it? The short answer is YES! 2021 saw an enormous increase in residential installations of synthetic grass. And for good reason. With its versatility, durability, and clean look… turf brings a lot to the table. But, should you invest?…

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4 Synthetic Grass Trends Taking Over Dallas

trends synthetic grass

There’s no question 2020 changed the amenities game for homeowners and, with that, the synthetic grass trends taking over Dallas. Synthetic grass has been the #1 Dallas landscaping upgrade trend for 2021. Homeowners are seeing the returns of investment in quality products for their yard – especially synthetic grass. Its durability, versatility, and absolutely beautiful aesthetic…

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The Perks of USA Made Grasses & Locally Sourced Products

locally sourced products

For 10 years we have been a leading turf installer in the Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex. We are a family owned and operated business. Our standards have never changed. We carry high-quality artificial grass made in the USA and source our rock, and other materials, locally.   We Are Family Owned & Operated Our company began…

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